Matemáticas con chispita

Evaluación inicial de Matemáticas en inglés

Evaluación inicial de Matemáticas en inglés

Evaluación inicial de Matemáticas en inglés

Initial evaluation of Mathematics

  1. Translate the following expressions:

a) Odd number=

b) Integer number=

c) Brackets=

d) Solve=

e) Tens=

f) Cubed=

g) Slope=

h) Plus=

i) Hundredth=

j) Right triangle=

k) Sphere=

l) Mean=

2. Line A bus pass for your bus-stop every 9 minutes and Line B bus every 12 minutes. If the two busses pass together at 12 o´clock. At what time do they pass together again?

3. Write as you read the numbers and symbols above. Then, solve each numerical expression.

a) 2+3-4= 1 two plus three minus four equals one

b) 8/(-4)=

c) 4.5 +7/7=

4. What percentage of 1650 m is 1320 m?.

5. Write a numerical expression for the following prhases

a) The quotient of thirty-three and negative eleven.

b) Twice the sum of ninety and negative twenty-two

c) Three times the quotient of negative sixteen and eight.

6. Find the slope of the straight line that pass through these points:

(2, -4), (6,3).

7. A 300 gram wedge of cheese cost 6€. How much would a 350 gram wedge of cheese cost?

8. Check if each of these values is a solution to the equation or not:

a) x3 -20x=-16; x=5, x=4

b) 2x-1=512; x=9, x=10

9. Find the roots of the quadratic equation:


10. A school canteen has tables that seat 6 people and tables that seat 4 people. There are 20 tables in total, and together they offer enough seating for 104 students. How many tables of each type are there?. (Solution: 12 tables for 6 people and 8 tables for 4 people)

11. Some friends are having dinner at a restaurant. The bill is 60€. Two of them have no money, so they are invited. Hence, the others have to pay 8€ more. How many friends are them?

12. In a right-angled triangle, the hypotenuse is 20 cm, and one of the sides is 12 cm. Calculate the length of the other side.

13. A group of friends went to a concert and bought a total of 30 tickets. The cost of each ticket was $20 for adults and $10 for children. The total cost of the tickets was $550. How many adults and how many children went to the concert?.

14. Plot the points A(4,2), B(2,-2), C(-2,-2), D(-4,2) and E(0,5). Connect these points by straight lines and determinate what kind of figure it outlines.

15. Calculate the mean, median and mode of the following statistical distribution:

5, 6, 4, 8, 9, 10, 3, 2, 6, 7, 5, 7, 8, 4, 5 ,6, 5 ,7

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